Career Integrated Experiential Learning Teacher (2 positions)

Implements adopted CTE concentration components to include review of Personalized Education Plan, matches student interests with virtual offerings, works collaboratively with students' home high school to match graduation requirements and provides Ready to Work Certifications Course and Entrepreneurship Preparedness Course.
Fosters a classroom climate conducive to learning.
Utilizes instructional management systems which increases student learning and maximizes time on task.
Monitors student progress toward accomplishing instructional goals and objectives.
Promotes and maintains positive student-teacher and interagency lines of communication.
Maintains professional work habits.
Complies with host agency's policies and procedures.
Participates in cognitive restructuring activities of students.
Works in a cooperative manner with host agency staff to insure a safe and secure environment and integration of treatment and educational goals.
Maintains and upgrades professional skills.
Provides the rehabilitation team with assessment results to aid in the development of an IEP or IPP.
Serves as a member of the treatment team as an educational advisor.
Performs other duties as assigned by the principal or lead teacher.
Qualifies for or holds West Virginia licensure, as required under State Board of Education Policy 5202, in a 5-12 or 9-12 certification in a Career and Technical Education or CORE content field.
Possesses the knowledge, skills, and abilities to successfully:
(a) perform the job requirements; (b) work within the special setting of an institution for incarcerated youth or adults; and (c) work as part of a treatment team in concert with others.
Experience in virtual school delivery with understanding and demonstration of evidence based instructional practices.

Don't Be Fooled

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